The H3 Youth Development System




Our uniquely designed three-part program known as The H3 Youth Development System aims to improve the overall lives and futures of at-risk youth by building academic performance, community service and teamwork through athletics. All the essentials that build responsible, independent, caring heroes that in turn inspire others, making a positive impact on the community.



Every day Heroes Helping Heroes monitors the school attendance and performance of our participants. We provide homework study sessions and tutoring to improve academic performance, as well as college guidance, SAT test prep, and assistance with college and financial aid applications. We maintain communication with parents and teachers to help improve grades, build self-esteem and encourage kids to stay in school, graduate and realize their potential. Academic incentives are built around grades, effort, attendance, attitude, positive behavior and leadership.


Community Service


Community service entails an ongoing commitment to and relationship with those they serve. Each week, students go to Kennedy Krieger Institute, where they become “heroes” to the children with whom they interact. Students come to understand that these children, who are coping with and overcoming severe disabilities, are themselves “heroes” (the inspiration for our program’s name.) This consistent service is an eye-opening and life-changing experience for our youth who rarely leave their neighborhoods and are now depended upon and looked up to by others who need and value them.



Our youth participants are engaged in martial arts, which provides the action component to personal growth through the commitment of development to their mind, body, and heart. It is not the color of the belt that matters, it is who you become that really makes the difference. Improvements in focus, discipline, and being present have been consistently evident, which translates into enhanced academic performance.

Basketball is also offered to our youth, which allows them the opportunity to receive quality coaching, wear professional style uniforms and play in competitive leagues. Our basketball program stresses the value of personal accountability while working as a team. Basketball playing time is earned as youth meet academic, personal and community service goals.